Bin Carrier

The Weldcraft Continuous Flow 90° Receiver pairs with the Side by Side Shaker to form a set.

Continuous Flow 

The Weldcraft Pruning Towers have been manufactured for over 40 years. These machines have the most power and are the smoothest and safest machine on the market. 

Weldcraft Bin Carrier has been the industries premier machine for over 30 years.

Bank Out

Bin Dumper 

The Weldcraft Bankout is offered in a rear engine configuration with air cab as well as with side engine no cab.

The Weldcraft conveyor cart offers large capacity reservoir to keep your harvester running longer and faster.

The  WCI strip sprayer is an extremely rugged vehicle. It will cut your spraying cost by saving you chemicals and lowering your maintenance time. 

Our machines are very versatile and can harvest many types of trees even in the toughest conditions.

This machine is well situated in close planting situations. It has only one elevator, cutting maintenance to a minimum.

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The Weldcraft Field Elevator is designed for use with Weldcraft Bank-out. The Elevator is self-propelled to move to another truck unassisted.

Field Elevator 

Equipment Line 

The New Weldcraft Bin Dumper will cut your costs by offering fast dumping and zero down time. It fits virtually any forklift and dumps all common size bins.

Conveyor Cart