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Our machines are very versatile and can harvest many types of trees even in the toughest conditions.

Our shaker pairs with the 90° Continuous Flow Receiver or our Straight Through Pan Receiver. This makes it extremely versatile for dense planting or wide spacing. 


· Low position with clear view of shaker head and tree line.

· Complete hydraulic system gauge package

· Joy stick control

· No high pressure oil around operator

· Electronic throttle pedal

· Engine monitor with programmable screen display

· Storage compartment under seat

· Electronic throttle pedal 


· John Deere 4045 turbo 99HP Tier 3 (option 1)

· Kubota V3800 turbo 99HP Tier 3 (option 2)

· High debris radiator

· Oil cooler

· Sauer Danfoss Hydrostatic transmission

· Sauer Danfoss single speed wheel motors

· Auburn Gear planetary hubs

· Parking brake

· 12/16.5 10 PLY heavy duty tires

· Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner 


· Shake patterns 

· Sweepers

· Deflector size and cut outs

· Soft padding 

Side by Side Shaker


· High strength tubular deflector design

· Lights for night operation

· Expandable for close or wide tree spacing

· Hydraulic sliding top decks

· Hydraulic adjustable deflector angle

· All-wheel drive (3WD)

· Soft padding

· Joystick Controls

· Stainless Steel water tank

· High capacity fuel and hydraulic oil tanks 

Shaker Head

· Weldcraft twin shaft

· Case made of 3/8” steel plate

· VOAC F12-080 drive motor

· Auto Sling lubrication system

· Dual belt drive

· 2 heavy duty double roller bearings per shaft

· Grease able shaft bearings

·  20” oval pads

· 3 point mounting system with oversized hanger mounts 

Hydraulic System

· Sauer Danfoss pressure compensated main pump

· Sauer Danfoss 75CC hydrostat

· PVG Sauer Danfoss valves

· Weldcraft head control manifold

· Gates hydraulic hoses and fittings

· 15-40W high grade oil